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The procedure wherein women use medicines to terminate pregnancy is stated as medical abortion. Millions of women choose medical abortion to conclude pregnancy by using this excellent mediation named abortion pill pack.

Abortion Pill Pack – 1 MTP Kit, 1 Ethamsylate (250mg), 1 Ondansetron (4mg), 1 Flexon-MR (250mg)


Buy Abortion Pill Pack Online

However, there is a big confusion between the abortion pill pack online and the MTP Kit Online. An MTP Kit only consists of the two essential pills needed for an abortion. The abortion pill pack consists of a pack of two medications used to terminate an early not needed pregnancy along with three other pills to control and stop the side effects. The abortion pill pack can only be used in cases where the pregnancy is only 7-8 weeks old. It is a very convenient method of ending a pregnancy as abortion can be done using this at the comfort of your house while maintaining the privacy of the consumer. This pack is a cost-efficient pregnancy ending method as it not only includes the medicines required for needed for a successful home abortion but also the medications needed to avoid and control the after effects of the pill. Customers can conveniently buy abortion pill pack online.

Components and Active Ingredients of Abortion Pill Pack

The cheap abortion pill pack consists of the following five medications:

1 pill- Mifepristone 200mg.

4 pills- Misoprostol 200mcg each.

1 pill- Ondansetron & Zofran 4mg

1 pill- Flexon-MR 4mg

1 pill- Ethamsylate 250mg.

MIFEPRISTONE: It is a synthetic steroid generally prescribed to medically terminate an intrauterine pregnancy. Each pill of Mifepristone contains 200mg. This pill is a synthetic steroid and has anti-progesterone effects. It is a yellow-colour pill with a cylindrical shape. Its inactive ingredients include anhydrous, colloidal silica, corn starch, microcrystalline cellulose, povidone and magnesium stearate. The compound of the primacy abortion pill is yellow and its molecular weight is 49.6 followed by a melting point of 191-196 degrees Celsius. Mifepristone and Misoprostol are meant to be used together for best termination effects.

MISOPROSTOL: Misoprostol is a prostaglandin hormone which is combined with Mifepristone in order to conclude a gestation which is not needed. This medication works by dilating the cervix which eventually leads to uterine contractions and results in removal of pregnancy tissues.

ONDANSETRON ZOFRAN: This pill is effective in controlling vomiting and nausea. It has its active ingredient 8mg ondansetron base. It contains inactive ingredients like aspartame, gelatin, mannitol, methylparaben sodium, propylparaben sodium, and strawberry flavour.

FLEXON MR:  This is a combination of three medications viz. Ibuprofen, paracetamol, and chlorzoxazone. It is very effective in relieving muscle pains and muscle spasm.

ETHAMSYLATE: This is a hemostatic drug. It functions to increase the ability of platelets to stick and form clots. It also regulates bleeding from blood capillaries.

What abortion pill pack does?

Women choosing to buy abortion pill pack online experience successful termination of early intrauterine pregnancy by using two medications and three other medications to deal with side effects like bleeding, pain, and vomiting. For having a successful abortion through this pack, the patient must be not more than 7 weeks pregnant.

How does the pill pack function?

Mifepristone : The drug Mifepristone also known as Mifeprex restrains the production of progesterone hormone in the womb. This hormone generally permits the pregnancy to persist. The complete process of pregnancy discontinues as soon as the hormone is blocked. This allows the foetus to get removed from the placenta.

Misoprostol : The pill Misoprostol is stated as a synthetic prostaglandin that functions to create contractions. This pill helps in dissolving the entire pregnancy tissue along with endometrial by diluting it. This results in dilating the widening of the cervix. Hence, all the parts of pregnancy are expelled through vaginal discharge.

Ondansetron or Zofran : Ondansetron is an anti-emetic medicament which helps in controlling the sensation of feeling nauseous or vomit at the time of medical abortion. It functions by releasing certain chemical ingredients in the body which helps in stopping vomiting. There is a chance of the abortion pill being flushed out in the form vomiting. Ondansetron and Zofran prevent that from happening.

Flexon-MR : Flexon is an anti-inflammatory drug that helps in controlling excessive pain. It is a pain killer.  This medication functions in relieving muscle pain and by relaxing the muscles by acting upon your central nervous system. This lowers the chemical substance in the patient’s body which results in muscle pain. This medication also helps to bring down the fever experienced during the abortion period. Flexon MR is the saviour for a pain-free successful abortion.

Ethamsylate : This blood medication helps to control the bleeding experienced during the process of medical abortion. It is normal to bleed during a medical abortion but sometimes, the patient might experience extreme bleeding, in that case, this pill is very effective in regulating the blood flow.

What are the possible side-effects of the abortion pill?

•      Nausea

•      Drowsiness

•      Diarrhoea

•      Weakness

•      Fatigue

Where and how should I buy abortion pill pack in USA?

Women can conveniently buy Abortion pill pack online from Many websites have abortion pill pack for sale.

Once order for abortion pills online has been placed, you will receive the abortion pill pack in a few days. It is advisable to store the contents of the pack in a cool place, at room temperature, away from sunlight and away from children. Do not flush the contents and ask a professional regarding the disposal.

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