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The Method of Consumption

To have effective results from medical abortion, a woman has to consume the abortion meds as suggested by an expert.

  • Begin the process by consuming Mifepristone by swallowing the tablet orally.
  • Consume the second abortion Misoprostol orally by positioning the tablets in the cheek pouches and under the tongue for the given time.
  • Ondansetron or Zofran consumed when you feel to spill out the second pills as they are a little tasteless.
  • Flexon-MR pills swallowed when you experience severe pain or contraction during medical abortion.
  • Ethamsylate tablet administered when there is an unnecessary loss of red fluid through the vagina.

The drawback of having Medical Abortion

  • Women usually experience an excess of bleeding when a woman is conducting Medical abortion.
  • There are most cases are resulted in having an incomplete abortion, which leads to complete it with a small surgery.

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